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     This exciting new book will be published and available for sale Fall 2023. The pinnacle of Steven's photography career, Oklahoma's Natural Heritage will include Oklahoma's diverse landscapes, wildlife, birds, and wildflowers. It will be 120 pages in length with approximately 120 images and will be 9 1/2" X 9 1/2" in  format.

     Did you know that Oklahoma boasts more natural diversity than any other state except California and Texas? It has everything from bighorn sheep to alligators. It is a state of mesas and plains, mountains and swamps, cacti and wildflowers. Oklahoma’s Natural Heritage, unprecedented in scope, showcases this diversity with landscape, close-up, panoramic, wildlife, bird, and storm photographs; all in a single, beautiful volume. Steven has photographed Oklahoma with perseverance and great sensitivity. The natural world around us is filled with beauty, light, and hope, and in his own humble way Steven has captured that in this book with images of God’s creation; images that touch the heart and stir the soul. To complement these images he has written captions and essays that are informative, inspiring, encouraging, lighthearted, and, at times, deeply personal. Oklahoma’s Natural Heritage offers a refuge, far from the noise and chaos, a place of serenity and peace. Join Steven on his journey and see Oklahoma in all its moods: soft and gentle, bright and cheerful, dark and menacing. Be amazed at diverse landscapes encompassing sandstone formations at Black Mesa, the cypress swamps at Beavers Bend, prairies filled with wildflowers, and Oklahoma’s infinite sky. See some of Oklahoma’s incredible wildlife including bison, pronghorn, Swift foxes, elk, and bighorn sheep. Enjoy some of Oklahoma’s hidden jewels such as elegant orchids, colorful dragonflies, and delicate butterflies. For bird lovers, there are Greater Roadrunners, Black-capped Vireos, Painted Buntings, Burrowing Owls, Ospreys, and many more. Oklahoma’s Natural Heritage is a book you will enjoy with friends and family for years, a one of a kind treasure for your library.

     If you would like to contribute to raise funds for publication please go to If you have any questions send me an email at Please check back for the progress on this book.

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     This popular book showcases Oklahoma's most treasured landscape, the Wichita mountains, a place where bison, elk, prairie dogs, and longhorn cattle coexist in a land that is still wild and free. Its fifty-nine thousand acres are a stunning fabric of untilled prairie, granite mountains, rugged woodlands, and sparkling lakes. In addition, it boasts a vast array of animal species. Because its location is an ecological crossroads you can find elements of both the East and West in this beautiful preserve.

     Included in this book are pictures of landscapes both grand and intimate; animals large and small; and close-ups of rocks, flowers, and wood.

     The Wichita Mountains, an Oklahoma Treasure, is 90 pages in length, has 91 images, and is 8 1/2" X 8 1/2" in dimensions. The book is $22.00 plus tax and shipping. Please email Steven at with your name, order and mailing address.


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     Graced by the Light, the Cherokee Prairies is a testament to the beauty and to the healing power of nature found in the tallgrass prairie, a place full of life and infused with light. It is a land few Arkansans know about, a relatively undiscovered gem.

     This softcover book boasts  128 pages and over 130 images in a volume 8 3/4" X 9 7/8". It chronicles a ten year journey to some of the last tallgrass prairies surviving in western Arkansas.

     "Graced by the Light, the Cherokee Prairies" can be purchased for $30.00 plus tax and shipping. Please email Steven at with your name, order, and mailing address.                    

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     Steven's first book, Mount Magazine, Looking for the Light, a Photographer's  Journey captures the beauty of Arkansas' highest mountain. Steven shares about his journey "Looking for the Light" as he lives with depression, and about how photographing nature helped him find his "light".

     The setting of Mount Magazine nurtured Steven's creativity, resulting in beautiful pictures that include butterflies, flowers, historical sights and objects, and both grand and intimate landscapes. 

     "Mount Magazine, Looking for the Light, a Photographer's Journey" is hardcover, 132 pages long, has 135 photographs, and is 8 7/8" X 8 7/8" in dimension. It can be purchased for $20.00 plus tax and shipping. Please email Steven at and leave your name, mailing address, and what you want to order; I will then get back with you.