Steven Hunter grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Fort Smith, Arkansas. He earned two degrees from the University of Arkansas and one from the University of Central Arkansas. His photography schooling has been limited to the School of Hard Knocks, and Trial end Error.

     For over twenty years Steven has been taking nature photographs seriously, but his love of photography dates back much further. When he was as young as seven his grandmother fostered his love for photographs by showing him historic photos of her family and Yellowstone National Park. Steven's passion for nature photography grew as he raised his own family, living in Wisconsin, Missouri, and Arkansas.

     Since 2000, Steven has lived in Fort Smith with his ever growing family, which now includes four grandchildren. Living on the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma has afforded Steven many opportunities to explore parts of both states intimately.

     Steven has published three books: Mount Magazine, Looking for the Light, A Photographer's Journeypublished in 2011, Graced by the Light, the Cherokee Prairies, published in 2014, and The Wichita Mountains, An Oklahoma Treasure, published in 2016. His photography hangs in private homes and businesses, and graces the lodge and cabins of Mount Magazine State Park in Arkansas. The Arkansas State Parks Department and the Oklahoma Nature Conservancy have used Steven's photographs in their publications.

     Steven's photography practices and goals are rooted firmly in his Christian faith. He believes that God is the Creator of not only nature but of the entire universe (Genesis 1:1). He believes that Jesus is God's one and only Son, and only through Him may we achieve forgiveness for our sins and be reconciled to God (John 14:6). Steven's prayer is that the beauty in his pictures will bring light into your heart, and that you will find "The Light of the World," the Lord Jesus (John 8:12).