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Oklahoma's Natural Heritage Book

October 04, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I will be publishing a brand new book in 2022, the title of which is Oklahoma's Natural Heritage. In order to fund this project, I will be personally soliciting contributions from benefactors. The following is a description of the book.

Oklahoma - just the name conjures up images of wind-swept prairies, tornadoes, and bison.  Although these images are justified, Oklahoma is so much more. It is a state of such staggering diversity that it is represented by more bioregions than any other state except California or Texas. The southeast is a land of swamps, forests, and alligators while the northwest is a land of mesas, grasslands, and pronghorn. Because of Oklahoma's size and diversity it took more than ten years to document it, taking pictures of the places, animals, insects, and flowers that have touched my heart and stirred my soul.    
This marks my fourth book and is, perhaps, the one broadest in scope. My first two books were about places in Arkansas: Mount Magazine, Looking for the Light: a Photographer’s Journey and Graced by the Light: the Cherokee Prairies.  My third book was an Oklahoma subject - The Wichita Mountains: an Oklahoma Treasure. It was while working on the Wichita Mountains book that the idea for this book was conceived. The scope of this book is unprecedented; for the first time, landscapes, close-ups, and wildlife representing Oklahoma will be presented in a single volume. 
The Nature of Oklahoma will be at least 128 pages long and 9 X 9 inches in format. It will include at least 130 photographs, as well as informative, entertaining, and inspiring text from a Christian perspective. The book will display the landscapes, flowers, insects, and wildlife of Oklahoma in a size and format that is beautiful to look at and easy to handle. It will be priced below thirty dollars to appeal to and be affordable to a broad spectrum of people
This project is already well underway. The photography is complete and the text has already been written. Layout, printing, and binding are contingent upon funds being raised and will be completed by late 2022. All expenses up to this point have been borne by me. Because of my experience, passion, and devotion to my craft and God, the highest standards of book production, product value, and business ethics will be maintained.

Please consider contributing to my campaign and spread the word. Thank you for your support.


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